Reza Shervin Badv MD; Pediatric Neurologist and epileptologist

Children’s Medical Center, Pediatrics center of excellence

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome(LGS)  is  severe epileptic encephalopathic state which consist of multiple seizure types including short tonic ,atypical absence and atonic  seizures in background of intellectual disability.

Generally the triad of multiple seizure types; a slow spike-and-wave pattern (less than 2.5 Hz) on EEG (+/-GPFA) ; and cognitive dysfunction are necessary for the diagnosis of this electro-clinical epileptic syndrome.

In many cases, prior epileptic spasms meets the further LGS. Etiologies are variable from genetic, structural, metabolic and even well stablished acquired epilepsies.

LGS are usually tends to be pharmacologically resistant and polytherapy with appropriate anti epileptic drugs, ketogenic diet , VNS and surgical intervention ( such as callosotomy) should be considered as a part of treatment strategies.

Recently successful use of “cannabidiol oil (CBD)” has opened a new window for control of this severe epileptic condition. In this lecture I will discuss more details and updates about LGS.