Dr. Tayebeh Abbasyoun Neurologist – Clinical Neurophysiologist, Arad General Hospital

Abstract: Epilepsy is a chronic neurologic disorder manifesting by repeated epileptic seizures (attacks or fits) which result from paroxysmal uncontrolled discharges of neurons within the central nervous system (gray matter disease). The clinical manifestations range from a major motor convulsion to a brief period of lack of awareness. The stereotyped and uncontrollable nature of attacks is characteristic of epilepsy. Non epileptic attacks can be mistaken with epileptic attacks. LTM (long term monitoring EEG and video) can differentiate epileptic from non-epileptic attacks. Non epileptic attacks can be subdivided to Psychogenic non epileptic attacks (PNEA) non Psychogenic non epileptic attacks such as: Syncope,Migraine, parasomnia.

Key words: non epileptic attacks, LTM (long term monitoring EEG and video