Siamak Afshinmajd: Department of neurology. Neurophysiology research center. Shahed university

Massoud Moghadamnia. Department of psychiatry .Shahed university

Objectives: Epilepsy is a common disorder in all societies, especially in psychiatric patient communities. This study is designed to compare the rate of seizure attacks in depressed patients treated by tricyclic antidepressants (TCA) with patients treated with serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI).

Methods: Two-hundred and forty three depressed patients selected according to DSM4 criteria in two years duration in mostafa Khomeini hospital. The only problem of these patients were depression and they were treated with only single drugm which were TCA or SSRI’S. Patients with other kind of psychiatric or neurologic disorders (especially previous  seizure attacks) except depression is not permitted. All patients were above eighteen and below sixty –five years old and examined by a psychiatrist and neurologist for detection of depression. All patients were followed for appearance of seizure for at least three years.

Results: There were one hundred and fifty- two females (63%) and eighty –eight(37%) males’ patients.  Thirty – three(14%) patients had seizure attacks in two years duration. Twenty- five(76%) attacks were in patients taking TCA and eight(24%) patients were in those who received SSRI’S.   

Conclusion: Seizure  attacks is more prevalent in patients who receive TCA in comparison to patients who receive SSRI’S. It is rationale to use paramedical items or at least   SSRI’S in patients with history of  seizure attacks instead of TCA’S.