Beheshte Amiri*- Shirin Asgharian- Zahra Ayazi

Background: Epilepsy is the most common of the functional disorder of brain. The psychological, social and economic effects of it can be effective on the quality of life of patients and his/her family seriously. The correct diagnosis of type of seizure and correct choice of the medicine and proper medical encounters can reduce these impacts.Nursing care commensurate with the causes of epilepsy can be highly effective on the reduction of cases of the disease.

Methods: this is an overview study that is written by library and electronically searches.

Findings: The factors of causing epilepsy are generally related to the causes before birth, time of birth and causes of after birth.Some of the causes before birth include hereditary factors and infectionsof during pregnancy. Nursing care and health care at the time of pregnancy and also Genetic counseling can reduce cases of epilepsy in the communities.Researches in developed countries represent that 12-14% of cases ofincidence of epilepsy is related to the damages at the time of birth. In these cases, placental and umbilical cord disorders, abnormal and prolonged labor and blockage of the air ducts of baby have been reported. Nursing care by attention to key signs of identifying the lack of oxygen can lead to nursing measuresfor the treatment of asthma and seizures, which is beneficial to the mother and fetus. Also application of methods of prevention and training of patients is effective on reducing medical urgency, such as recurring attacks of asthma and recurring attacks of epilepsy. About the after birth factors can be mentioned fever and brain injuries that easily can be prevent. Infectious diseases such as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, poliomyelitis, Pneumococcus infections and … that can directly and indirectly affect the functioning of the brain by increasing body temperature are preventable easily.

Conclusion: The importance of epilepsy is obvious, but the importance of paying attention to nursing care and training of pregnant mothers and keep track of their pregnancy time is not pay attention seriously. An issue that could significantly reduce cases of epilepsy.

Key words: Prevention, epilepsy